District Administrator

Anse Aux Pins is situated in the East Region of Mahe. It is bordered by Cascade, Pointe Larue and Au Cap District.

There are six sub districts and they are Anse Faure, Anse Aux Pins Central, Bodamien, Cayole Estate, Capucin, and Reef Estate.  The total area of Anse Aux Pins main land is 2.2km2.
Soleil Island nickname (Ile Soleil) is a small artificial island (0.14 km²) in the Anse Aux Pins District, lying 50m off the east coast, near the runway of the Seychelles International Airport. The island was reclaimed in 2008 after the Dubai Dredger finished its work in the Victoria Port islands. The local Anse-aux-Pins mayor decided he wanted an artificial island as well.

Statistic of population & housing census confirm that Anse Aux Pins District consists of 3850 inhabitants (1973 female and 1877 male) as of 2010.  Estimated population as of 2017 is (4057)



Services offered in the District Administration Offices:

  • Welfare assistance application by Agency for Social Protection 
  • Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services 
  • Inspection/Registration of Electoral Register by Electoral Commission 
  • Employment Officer by Ministry of Employment and Civil Status 

Opening hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm

Other Public Services:
Primary School
Police Station


  • General Doctor Practitioner
  • Basic Primary Health Care
  • Dental Services
  • NB: Open from 8.00am from 4.00pm on weekdays