The NRA Association in collaboration with the Programme Development & Special Events Division did organise a Pilgrimage Day activity which was held on Saturday 13th April’2019 from 10am from the Seychelles Nation car park.

 All districts on Mahe were invited to participate with 05 children ageing from 12yrs to 16yrs and 2 animators.

Participations were a total of 50 NRA and 11 animators plus Plaisance DA.

The routs are as follow:

Anse Etoile - St Antoine

Glacis - Ste Jean Baptiste

Bel-Ombre- St Roch

Mt Fleuri - Bon Pasteur

Plaisance - St Therese

Victoria  - The Roman Catholic Diocese


Animators were the one with information and also to lead the Pilgrimage, leaflets with praises and gospel songs was also provide for that day to make the activity more exciting.