Senior Citizens Rewarded for Long Service

Senior Citizens Rewarded for Long Service



The afternoon of Friday 23rd August, 2019 was special for a group of 14 members of Senior Citizens Association who have been very have over the last few years. 


In a ceremony at the Harbour Light restaurant at ICCS, the Principal Secretary for Local Government Department Ms Marie-Celine Vidot welcomed the audience through the delivery of a very moving speech whereby she thanked the senior citizens for the work they are doing to improve the life of their colleagues and share their experiences with the youth of the country.  “ It is important that we take into consideration the changes that the community is continuously embracing and the aspiration of our senior citizens.  We have to maintain the principle of not to leave any senior citizens behind, stay connected in any possible ways, do not work in isolation and engage in collaboration with other partners to improve our plans and programmes at community level” PS Vidot added.


During the ceremony, the newly elected Executive Committee was formally introduced, whilst 14 outgoing committee members were presented with a certificate of recognition by PS Vidot as follows:

Jeanne d’Arc Gerry
Antoinette Savy
Imelda Henriette
Anette Marie
John talma
Rose May Amade
Jessie Freminot
Margueritte Marie
Daouda Traore
Marie-Therese Bernard
Josianne Philoe
James Barbe
Marie-Madeleine Matombe
Rene Bastienne


In addition to that 4 members who stepped down from their position at Executive Level further received a shield of appreciation.  Ms Jeanne d’Arc Gerry the outgoing chairperson of the association accepted a ‘Thank You’ bouquet from PS and few other gifts from colleagues.  The ceremony was concluded with speeches form Ms Gerry and the new Vice-Chairperson of the association which was followed by refreshment.


It is to note that the Senior Citizens Association was formed in 1999 as a result of the formation of the twenty six Senior Citizens clubs in the districts of Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette hence this year celebrating 20 years of existence.  The Association has the following main objectives:

  • To represent, defend and protect the interest of the Senior Citizens Clubs and its members.
  • To ensure that the Senior Citizen’s Club developing, promoting and organizing activities responding to the needs of the Senior Citizens.
  • To work in close collaboration with other agencies and organization for the well-being of the Senior Citizens.
  • To work towards becoming a full fledge N.G.O representing the interest of the Senior Citizens of Seychelles.
  • To liaise, associate and affiliate with other Local, regional or                 international organisation which are pursuing the same objectives as that of the Association.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


The composition of the newly elected committee is as follows:


•             Mrs Germaine Gill                           Chairperson
•             Mrs Rose May Amade                   Vice Chairperson
•             Mr Donasyen Dogley                     Secretary
•             Mr Daouda Traore                          Vice Secretary
•             Mrs Johnette Mahoune                Treasurer
•             Mr John Talma                                 Vice Treasurer
•             Mrs Jessie Freminot                        Rep. North Region
•             Mr Percy Dingwell                          Rep. Central 1 Region
•             Mrs  Marie Therese Bernard       Rep. Central 2 Region
•             Mrs Josianne Philoe                       Rep. East Region
•             Mrs Christianne Nibourette        Rep. South Region
•             Mrs Gorgette Larue                        Rep. West Region
•             Mr Rene Bastienne                         Rep. Inner Island