St. Louis greets 107th birthday to Mrs. Pouponeau

In the presence of family members and friends, Mrs. Marguerite Woodfield Pouponeau born Gill celebrated her 107th birthday.  Mrs. Pouponeau celebrated her special birthday on the 15th of August, 2019 coinciding with the feast of the Assumption turning her as the eldest person in the St. Louis district.  The celebration started with a blessing by Reverend Willy William from the Anglican Diocese of Victoria.  In his blessing Reverend William described Mrs. Pouponeau as a very active, joyful and highly respected person. 


Mrs. Rachel Joseph – District Administrator (DA) for St. Louis presented Mrs. Pouponeau with a hamper on behalf of the President of the Republic.  Wishing Mrs. Pouponeau birthday greetings, the DA also described her as a person who is very communicative, a person who re-call her past very well and despite her age she does she look way much younger than she is. 


Mrs. Pouponeau spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating with family members.  She may have a secret to her longevity, in the meantime the Department of Local Government wishes Mrs. Pouponeau the best of health!