Gregg Leon
District Administrator

The Grand Anse Mahe district is situated in the south-western coast region of Mahe approximately six miles from Victoria which is the capital of Mahe. It has a surface area of 15.85sq km with a population density of 152 per sq km. and is divided into seven (8) sub  districts namely Solitude, Beauvoir, souvenir, La Charette which together forms La-Misere district and Savy Estate, Dauban, Barbarons, Anse polit  forms Grand Anse .

The district gets its name after the long sandy beach, with an imposing bay although not suitable for swimming because of the strong undertow, this spectacular beach with rolling waves and a long stretch of shoreline is ideal for taking a relaxing walk and can also collect Tec-Tec to make a good soup. There are also two other beaches situated at Barbarons and Anse Polit. There is one main junction at the central part of the district which leads to Victoria via La Misere Road.


Features in the district

  • Sacre Coeur Chapel
  • The Ste Famille Church

La Misere Shrine
Ex-Captain Michel House

Population: 3273
Number of households:1078

Services offered in the District Administration Offices:

  • Welfare assistance application by Agency for Social Protection 
  • Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services 
  • Employment Officer by the Ministry of Employment
  • Counselling and animation programmes by Seychelles National Youth Council

Opening hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm

Other Public Services:

  • General Doctor Practitioner
  • Basic Primary Health care
  • NB: Open from 8.00am from 4.00pm on weekdays

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