Michael Jean Louis
District Administrator

Grand Anse Praslin is partly mountainous , plateau , with sandy soul and few marshes. Divide by a ridge of hills running from east to west and intersected by a road that leads through the Vallee-de-Mai , with a less traffic on its simple road network witch connect her sister district of Baie ste anne.
Bounded on the north east by a straight line starting from the estuary of the well know Anse Georgette River to many new trigonometrical station, thence to junction of salazie and Pasquiere road, thence to a bridge on Grand Anse To Baie Ste Anne main road through Valle-De-Mai to Fond Azore trigonometrical station to the estuary of Anse Marie Louise river bounded on the south and west by the sea includes Les Parisienne , Aride, Cousin and Cousine Island . All four forms part of the Grand Anse Praslin electoral areas.