District Administrator

Welcome to Mont Buxton district among which form part of Victoria the capital and town of Seychelles. The Mont-Buxton District has around 3089 inhabitants a mixture of races that show the diversity of our nation.

As its name rightly said Mont Buxton is found up the hill. It is mostly mountainous with sometimes very steep hills. There are two main rivers that flow down the valley of Mont Buxton. It has 5 zones that are Dan-Lenn, Mont-Signal, Greenwich, Button-Lane, Hangard-Street, Belonie and Roche-Bois, Historical Heritage, The signal hill is the site of the old lookout flag signaling station. It has two of the most essential elements which make for a successful visitor attraction. View impact and historical interest.

Mont Buxton district is situated in the central part of Mahe. It covered an area of hectares of land stretching from Mont Signal hills down to Greenwich bordering with English River on the left and stretching further to Belonie intersecting with St. Louis district on the right. On top of Mont Signal, its borders Beau Vallon.


Population: 3255
Number of households: 1006

Services offered in the District Administration Offices:

  • Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs 
  • Counseling and animation programmes by Seychelles Youth services
  • Employment Officer by the Ministry of Employment

Opening hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm