District Administrator

The district got its name from the river Saint Louis, a name was given by the early French colonizers
St Louis is part of the Central Region of Mahe. It is bordered by the English River, Mont Buxton, Bel Air, and Beau Vallon.

According to The Population and Vital Statistics as of Mid 2014, there are 3,224 residents in the St Louis district living in 1013 households. There are 289 children between (0-5) years, 277 children between the ages (5-10) years, and 224 children between the ages of (10-15) years.

The St Louis district has been reputed in history being the source of the Avalanche in 1862. St Louis was the worst place to be affected by the continuous rainfalls that affected the whole of Mahe due to a nearby hurricane in 1862.


Important features and monuments in the District:

  • Victoria Market 
  • St Louis Basin (water Reservoir)
  • Water Loo Factory 
  • Hindu Temple

Number of households:1019
Services offered in the District Administration Offices:

  • Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services
  • Welfare assistance application by Agency for Social Protection 
  • Counselling and animation programmes by Seychelles National Youth Council

Opening hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm
Other Public Services:
Secondary School