Who we are?


Mrs. Rose Marie Hoareau

Minister for Local Government and Community Affairs

Mr. Kevine Perine

Principal Secretary for Local Government Department

Mrs. Denise Clarisse

Director General for Community Affairs

Mr. Romano Songor

Director General for Support Services

Mrs. Cecile Decommarmond

Director General, Human Resources and Budget Management

Mrs. Marlene Valentin

Financial Controller

Ms. Murielle Marie

Director Community Affairs

Mrs. Fiona Denis

Director of Human Resources and Budget Management

Mr. Dan Frichot

Executive Director

About the Ministry

The Ministry has three (3) Divisions, 7 Sections and 7 Units.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.
Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.

The Ministry is mandated to:

Implement Government Policies, Regulations and Programmes at District level.  

Lead, oversee and provide support in regards to the operations of the District Administrations.  

Provide the link between Central Government and Local Administrative Structures.
Facilitate the provision of quality services.
Implement community projects and programmes based on community needs and aspirations.
Provide opportunities for community empowerment with focus on human, organisational leadership, community capacities and capabilities.

Project Planning and Maintenance Division

The Division comprises the District Project Section, the Community Facilities Section, the Environment and Emergency Section, and the Project Procurement Unit. The functions of this Division are to:  Coordinate the initiation, planning and implementation of district projects,  Maintain community infrastructure and facilities and Co-ordinate district emergency eventualities, in collaboration with the Department of Risk and Disaster Management.

Human Resources and Budget Management Division

The Division comprises the Human Resources and Budget Management Section, Administration Section, the Information Technology Unit, Registry Unit and Human Resource and budget Management Unit. This Division is responsible for the:
Management of the Ministry’s human resources and ensure an efficient human resource management system.
Implementation of related Government Legislations.
Preparation, administration and controlling of Budgetary expenses.
Management of the Ministry’s assets.

Community Development Division

This Division comprises Programme Development and Special Events Section, District Administration Section, Liaison Unit and Quality Assurance Unit. Its mandated is to:
Develop, promote and implement Community Based Programmes and schemes of interests in liaison with District Administrations.
Ensure implementation of Government Policies and Regulations at District level.
Ensure the delivery of effective and efficient services by the District Administrations.

Secretariat of the Principal Secretary for Local Government 

Secretariat of the Principal Secretary for Local Government comprises of a Policy Planning and Research Unit that has as primary responsibility to:
Evaluate and formulate new and update policies, strategies and standards.
Undertake research.
Prepare timely analytic reports based on feedback from Districts on ongoing programmes and services.

The Vision

Empowered citizens with a high sense of community spirit and ownership, thriving on a good quality of life and proactively engaging in the affairs of their communities

The Mission

To develop and promote an effective local government system and conducive environment for community empowerment, participation and sustainable development


At the Ministry of Local Government we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our staff, customers and those we serve. In discharging our responsibilities, we will ensure that our professional conduct and interactions with people from all segments of our society reflect the high standards we profess.

The following are the core values and principles of the Ministry, derived from the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance that we will uphold in our actions and behaviours:

We will practise ethical behaviour and be open and honest in our work.

We will build connections, networks and partnerships and engage within government, across sectors and agencies to ensure coordination and delivery to local communities

We will lead by example, embed our values in our practices, appreciate and acknowledge effort, and communicate and engage staff in the achievement of our objectives.

We will be proactive and respond to changing community requirements by directing our resources, knowledge and skills to supporting creative community solutions

We will recognise and value diversity in our workplace and in the local communities

We will be committed to making a difference for communities and cultural makeup of the entire local communities

We will endeavour to place ourselves in the position of those we interact with, to understand them and try to appreciate what they are experiencing in order to provide a better service.

We believe that empowerment of staff and people in the communities is a vital precursor for accomplishment in our work

We believe in excellence and will endeavor to make it a norm in our delivery of services to those we serve